February Favorites

It’s now March, which means only one thing. Or… well… it could mean many things, but for me, it means it’s time to write my first (of hopefully many) monthly favorites.

We all know that February literally flies by (it’s just its nature, being the baby month that it is) instead of just feeling like it does. I feel like I didn’t have time to do half the things I set out to do, but that’s the nature of adulthood, no?

This past month, some fun (and not so fun) things occurred:

  • I began managing the social media for my church -FUN
  • I began tracking my goals in a new, exciting way (read on to find out more)-FUN
  • A glass lid fell from the top shelf of my cupboard (door closed) and onto my phone, shattering it (landed on the home button where it was unprotected by my tempered glass cover), costing $250 to repair (so sad…)-NOT FUN
  • I scoped out possibilities for–down the road–of more freelance writing opportunities-FUN!!!
  • I embarrassed myself at the gym twice in two days, first by hitting max failure on squats and falling over with the barbell on my shoulders (cringe), second by injuring my neck by turning my head at the top of a shrug (rookie mistake, I know)-NOT FUN!!!

Anyways, let’s get down to business! (to DEFEAT THE HUNS… anyone???)

My Favorite Things from February

Milani Make It Last Setting Spray

If you follow my Instagram Stories, you’ll see that I had a TIME of finding the Milani Make It Last setting spray anywhere (ANYWHERE) in Columbus.

Some of you are probably thinking… what the heck is setting spray? Setting spray is what you can mist onto your face (pre- or post-makeup, or both!) in order to better hold your makeup into place.

Milani, which is a really great drugstore makeup brand, came out with their new setting spray at the beginning of the year, and beauty bloggers and YouTubers were raving about it. Which, of course, meant that everyone and their mom was going out to buy it for themselves.

I looked in every drugstore or grocery store I passed, it seemed, but to no avail. I finally found it in Kroger, of all places, and have not stopped using it since I bought it. I am almost halfway through the bottle, in fact.

So go get you some.


I recently discovered around 5 YouTubers/vloggers that I absolutely love, one of whom is Zoella.


I’ve been watching makeup videos by the Pixiwoo sisters, Sam Chapman and Nicola Haste (nee Chapman) for about 6 years now. They are two British makeup artists that decided to start a Youtube channel back in 2008. Since then, they’ve been able to turn it into a business, just as many YouTubers/vloggers/creators/influencers (the list of names goes on) have.

They introduced YouTubing to their younger brother, Jim Chapman along with his girlfriend (now wife) Tanya Burr. Jim and Tanya are both incredibly successful YouTubers (often featured in British tabloids along with regular celebrities) and both have 2.6 and 3.6 million subscribers, respectively.

It was through their videos that I discovered Zoella, whose name is actually Zoe Sugg, another lifestyle vlogger.

Zoe is just the most bubbly, fun, beautiful, sweet and adorable girl. I love watching her vlogs, as she looks like she has such fun simply living her life.

I think I can relate to Zoe because we are just a year apart, have many of the same interests (fashion, makeup, books, donuts..), and because she is a hard worker who has turned her passions into an incredibly lucrative business (she has 11.6 million followers!).

Check out her channel… she is so much fun. I especially love her vlog channel, and more specifically her vlogs of when she hangs out with her friend Mark Ferris (they literally laugh the entire time, and it’s so contagious! If you’re feeling down, definitely go watch one of these vlogs. You’ll cheer up in no time).


Goliath-an Amazon Original

Like many millenials, we don’t have cable, electing instead to pay for streaming subscriptions including Netflix, HBO Now, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Prime Video.

In the past few years, there have been really incredible quality, original shows put out by Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. It’s so fun to see what these writers and executives come up with next. There’s nothing worse (for me, at least) than watching the same storylines over and over again.


Goliath is a lawyer show starring Billy Bob Thornton, Maria Bello, William Hurt, and many more A+ actors. Billy Bob Thornton is a disgraced alcoholic lawyer who ends up taking on a case against a big government contractor who is represented by none other than his former law firm. The law firm is also where his ex-wife is name partner.

Drama ensues, lots of twists and turns occur, and of course the acting and writing is spot-on.

Level Up Your Life and NerdFitness.com

I’ve been posting a fair amount on Instagram about beginning of my journey using NerdFitness.com, which is a website and community to help “nerds” set and reach their fitness and life goals, with the support of others just like them.


Nerd Fitness is a company that Steve Kamb started in his free time while working a full-time job. He created it wanting to inspire nerds like him to get active and stay in shape instead of falling into a sedentary, video game-obsessed lifestyle like he once had.

The idea of NerdFitness.com is that you create a character for yourself (like in a video game) and you create quest lists that will help you reach a more general goal. For each task, you set an amount of expert points (or XP) that you will gain once completing that task. When you reach 100 XP, you “level up”.

For instance, I have three quest lists: Get Your Life Together (to help me become a more organized and less scattered person), Columbus Exploring (which has various restaurant and activity tasks/goals that I want to achieve that will add more flavor and fun to my blogs), and Workin on My Fitness (which is self-explanatory).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ve also read Steve Kamb’s book about his journey leading up to the creation of NerdFitness.com and how it has helped him and others live the lives they’ve always dreamed.


It’s a great book, and I would highly recommend that you read it as well as try creating your own character on NerdFitness.com. Obviously, it’s not necessary to use NerdFitness.com to reach the goals you want to in life, but it is a really fun way to do so!

Simple Truth Instant Chia Oatmeal- Cinnamon Cranberry


Okay, yeah, I’m putting oatmeal on my favorites list. I am ridiculous.

But if you tried this oatmeal, you would understand.

Simple Truth, for any non-midwesterners out ther who might be reading my blog, is an organic brand that Kroger (a supermarket chain based in Cincinnati with stores mainly located in the Midwest) produces and exclusively carries in its stores.

The oatmeal contains ground chia seeds (which of course are amazing for you since they provide omega fatty acids), dried cranberries, and amazing sweet cinnamon flavor.

While it’s not the healthiest breakfast choice as it is packed with sugar (14 grams per serving), it is an incredibly enjoyable and easy option for my first meal of the day. I’m so rushed in the mornings (I like sleep way too much for my own good) that I often end up eating breakfast at my desk once I get to work. I grab a paper cup, mix the oatmeal with hot water from the water cooler, and I’m set.

Elvis Juice by Brewdog

Brewdog USA opened its doors last Monday, February 20th, along with its brewpub, Dogtap USA. If you haven’t yet, you should check out my blog article about Brewdog and video interview with Keith Bennet, who is the Brewdog special projects manager.

Matt and I went out this past Wednesday to check the place out as well as grab a couple flights and some grub. We were not disappointed.

The place looks amazing and is huge! We did wait for our table for about 35 minutes, but we were expecting that on the restaurant’s third night being open. Matt got a sweet zip-up hoodie while we were there, since we have a discount on merch being Equity Punks.

We ended up getting sat at a community table across from another couple, Elizabeth and Adam, and had an amazing time chatting with them. I actually (embarrassingly) gave Elizabeth my phone number so that we could meet up and play board games as a foursome sometime soon.

Currently, Brewdog is awaiting their brewing license (I’m not sure exactly how this works…they do have a liquor license and are able to sell alcohol in the restaurant, but are not able to brew anything in the brewery quite yet) and served six of their own brews (which they shipped from Scotland) on tap, as well as several other local/midwestern brews.

Out of the six Brewdog beers, my favorite by far was the Elvis Juice. It’s an American IPA infused with grapefruit and has 6.5% ABV. I will say that I’m not a huge IPA girl, but all of Bewdog’s IPAs are quite well-balanced and I have truly loved each one I’ve tasted.


Bento Go on Henderson 

If you haven’t yet check out Bento Go on Henderson Road, you should definitely do so as soon as possible. It’s in an old Wendy’s building right next door to one of my other favorite restaurants (Cuco’s Taquería). You almost miss it if youre not paying attention, as their signage isn’t incredibly prominent.

They have a really great menu with Bento boxes, ramen, stir fried noodles, and sushi. I really enjoyed the Hawaiian chicken Bento box (it had incredible flavor, and it was a TON of food).

Their Tonkotsu ramen was really delicious as well, and you can’t beat the price (7.95 compared to 12.90 that some other places are charging).


Overall, February was an excellent month. We had some great weather, but were also spoiled by this good weather and felt rather shocked when real February temperatures reared their ugly heads.

I’m very excited for the thing to come this coming March. I’ve got some really exciting ideas for content that I’m hoping will come to fruition, so keep your eyes peeled!

Thanks again for reading!







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