Late Night Ramblings

It’s been over a month since I’ve posted a blog.

And I feel so guilty about it, in the way that a teacher’s pet feels guilty about turning in their homework late. And yes, I was absolutely a teacher’s pet in school.

(Side note, I was recently talking to an old friend about this very thing, about having been a teacher’s pet, and how this clashed very much with my hatred for homework and eventual decline into lazy studenthood. I was a walking contradiction.)

I wanted to take some time away from the blog for the holidays, so I did. And then it got really difficult to set up interviews with people or businesses that I wanted to feature, since everyone was, like me, wanting to enjoy their holidays with friends and family. Then I got sick. Twice. And boy, the winter sickness hit me hard this year.

Those are my few lame excuses. I do have THREE articles that I’m going to be publishing in the next week or so, all of which I’m super excited about. I got to meet three people who are all outstanding in their fields and blazing trails of brilliance in the city of Columbus.

I’m sure you can tell just by my content that I love to talk to people, especially those who have incredible passion for what they do. I find it fascinating to learn about careers and trades of which previously I possessed only the scantest knowledge. I catch myself asking some of the most detailed, mundane questions of my interviewees, not thinking twice about the fact that the answers probably won’t entertain many readers.

Most of all, this blog has been a way for me to continue the passion for writing that in my current job, I’m only able to exercise through a well-crafted e-mail to my accounts. Which, hey, I have been applauded by my superiors several times for an incredibly well-worded e-mail. And you better bet that I take pride in those e-mails.

And now I’m looking at the word “e-mail” and wondering if it’s still necessary to include a hyphen anymore, or if it’s an antiquated and obsolete use of punctuation.

So. Anyways. I didn’t forget about this blog. I am actively writing three pieces. But it was super hard for me to write for about a week and a half due to the fact that I was constantly mildly buzzed on cold medicine (hey, I’m 100 pounds and that stuff hits me HARD).

Keep an eye out for some stuff that will hopefully be as enjoyable for you all as they have been for me to research and write.

Forever a teacher’s pet,



P.S. You’re probably wondering why the feature image of this blog is a photo of my husband and I kissing on our wedding day. It’s late at night, and my camera is downstairs, and this photo was already on my computer. It’s a great photo. So. That’s why.


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  1. Not sure you necessarily have to use AP style, but the journalism industry dropped the hyphen on email a few years ago. That may help in your punctuation decision process. Ha! I enjoy your blog. And yes, you were a teacher’s pet. But that’s ok!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Except with Mrs. Scholl! Haha!


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