My Go-to 30-Minute Workout (Spotify playlist included)

I am a gym rat.

There. I said it.

I work out about five days a week, and usually my workouts are at least an hour long. Some of you may think this excessive, but hey, I don’t have kids, I work a 40-hour a week job that I don’t bring home with me. It’s the way I feel healthiest and at my best.

Let’s be real though. Sometimes I am just way too busy to make it to the gym when they’re open, and I REALLY REALLY do not like waking up earlier than I need to (which is 6AM on a normal day) just to go to the gym.

So on those days when I just don’t have time for an hour-long workout, plus the time there and back, I will do a HIIT (high intensity interval training) and body weight workout at home.

I know you guys out there are probably just as busy as I am, especially during the holiday season, so I thought I’d share with you my go-to 30-minute workout so that you too can get a great sweat in even when you don’t have time to go to the gym.

I’ve also included a playlist of my favorite workout songs that really help me push through this short but intense workout.


Here’s the exercises I include in the workout. I pick a variety of body parts to work, and fit in cardio stuff to get the blood flowing.

  • 1:00-jump rope up and back (no jump rope required)- just act as though you’re jumping rope, except jump forward, then jump back, and so on
  • 1:00-bounce bounce squats- jump on the balls of your feet twice, then do a plie squat
  • 1:00-wall sit-try to get the angle of your knees as close to 90 degrees as possible
  • 1:00-mountain climbers- get in a high plank position, then bring one foot in at a time at running pace (think…climbing a mountain)
  • 1:00-jumping jacks- I try to make this as much about back as it is about calves and quads. Keep your arms tight and pull down  as though you’re doing a pull-up instead of swinging your arms all the way to your legs.
  • 1:00-T-plank to push-ups- Start out in a high plank position, then do a push-up. Then move into a bridge plank, moving your free arm upward to make you arms a “T” shape
  • 1:00-incremental burpees- Do a normal burpee.. on the next burpee, jump your legs in twice before jumping up. Finally, on the third burpee, jump your legs in three times before jumping up. Then start over. 
  • 1:00-superman+pull-downs- Do a superman (lay on your stomach, extend your arms, lifting them at the same time as your legs…only your torso should be touching the floor), then pull down your arms as though you’re doing a pull-up. You’ll feel this in your back.
  • 1:00- Fifer scissors- Lie flat on your back, lift one straight leg into the air, perpendicular to your body. Then, switch legs. Your legs should not touch the ground the entire time. Try not to bend your knees.

Rest for 1 minute (keep moving and drink water), then repeat the whole thing TWICE!

Let me know your thoughts! What is your favorite way to get your sweat on? Do you prefer gym workouts or working out at home? Do you lift weights or mainly focus on cardio, or do a mix of both? And of course, what are your favorite pump-up songs that really get you in the zone?

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