Taquería La Super Torta: Super Good

Restaurant Review: Taquería La Super Torta

 If you’ve ever driven past Taquería La Super Torta, you probably don’t know it. It’s in one of those nondescript strip malls that you pass on your way to someplace else; you’ve never bothered to glance at it as you drive by because each store in the strip is just as bland-looking.


But La Super Torta is by no means bland. I love Mexican food, especially the authentic kind that you don’t typically get from your neighborhood El Rancho Grande or Las Margaritas in the Midwest (I mean, I still love this type of “Mexican”, too).

My degree is in Spanish, and I’m definitely a connoisseur of the foods and cultures of the Hispanic world. So when I saw that it was one of the highest rated restaurants on Yelp AND near where I work, I had to get me some.

Taquería La Super Torta

The restaurant is sufficiently kitsch Mexican: brightly lit and decorated with colorful paper banners and strings of glass Christmas bulbs. There’s even a shrine to the Virgin Mary on the back wall. But it’s the kitsch that let’s us know that we’re about to eat some delicious food.

The restaurant was pretty busy (it was a Friday at lunch in a busy part of town) and I had to wait about 25 minutes for my carry-out order (should’ve called ahead), but the people-watching was good, so I didn’t mind the wait too much.

I ordered three entrees (two tortas and some flautas); Matt works just down the road and I was going to take him lunch, plus I wanted to try out a few different things to get a better idea of how good their food is across the board.

Let’s talk about the food:

The Tortas -Torta Adobada (marinated pork) & Torta de Pollo (that’s chicken for all you gringos..)

A torta is a sandwich. And boy, are these good sandwiches. The bread is toasted and crusty, the meat is juicy and tender. Each sandwich had some kind of mayo and black bean paste, meat, onions, peppers, and tomatoes. They. Were. Delicious.

They came with two sauces as well: one red (pretty hot, and I can take some heat)and one green (moderately warm). Both had phenomenal flavor.

The Flautas

Flautas are rolled tacos, deep fried. They’re one of my go to orders at Mexican restaurants… I mean, how could it get better?


These flautas were smothered in the same black bean paste from the tortas, which here had a more prominent flavor. Shredded lettuce, queso blanco, and slices of avocado topped the plate, making for quite a pretty presentation.

The flautas were crispy with tender and juicy shredded beef inside. The black bean paste and avocado added more depth of flavor than I’ve had at other Mexican restaurants.

All in all, I would definitely go there again. And I definitely will! With it being so close by to both Matt’s and my places of work, it will make for a fun and delicious Friday lunch date for us. I’m looking forward to trying more of their menu items!

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!




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