Who Am I?

Hi there!

My name is Hillary Colvin, and I’m the Little Localista.

I’ve been living in Columbus for about four and a half years now, and I must say, I love this city.

Where I Come From
I grew up in Springfield, Ohio (just under an hour southwest of Columbus), and would often go to Columbus (which was a big city for me) for better shopping and restaurants, and of course, to COSI for several times for school field trips.

For the Love of Columbus
In 2011, my husband Matt (then fiancé) moved to Columbus while I finished up my final year of college in the Dayton area. I finally moved to Columbus the summer of 2012 after we were married.


(Matt and I at a college friend’s wedding this last August at Strongwater Food & Spirits-http://strongwatercolumbus.com/)

I’ve grown to adore this place in the short amount of time I’ve lived here. Columbus… we have great food, great sports teams, great parks, great people, and great companies. Matt and I have had a couple opportunities to move out of the area, but every time, we think to ourselves, “Why?”

How I Make My Riches (Not Really..)
I currently work in account management, but my degree is in Spanish. I taught at a small private school in Southeast Columbus for my first two years out of college, but decided that I would try my hand in the corporate world—and haven’t looked back since!

How I Have Fun
Some of my passions include reading (mostly fiction—I’ve read 53 books so far this year!), working out, running, writing (I write freelance blog articles in my spare time), spending time with friends and family, and exploring Columbus.


(our two dogs, Diesel–English bulldog, age 10, and Mayhem–Boxer, age 4)

Why Am I Writing This Blog?
I decided to write a blog about our life in Columbus because I wanted to share the amazing parts of the city that I’ve come to know and love. I can tend to be a homebody, but I realized that I’m happiest when I’m out exploring and collecting experiences.

So, I hope you enjoy my blog! I’ve got a big list of articles I want to write, including restaurants, parks, and companies I’d like to feature. Keep your eyes peeled!


::The Little Localista::


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